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Roof Cleaning

Keeping your roof free of debris or moss is extremely important for the longevity of your roof and roof cleaning in Portland can extend its life. All Around Maintenance Inc. offers complete cleaning solutions for a variety of roof types, and will guarantee you an absolutely spotless roof.

Got Moss?

We clean, kill and treat moss on roofs.

We offer cleaning and maintenance services for your:

  • Cedar Roof
  • Tile Roof
  • Metal Roof
  • Composition Shingle Roof


Superior Roof Cleaning – Every Time

An aging roof isn’t just unsightly, but may be a serious health risk for you and your family. Roofs that are left uncared for can even house disease and rot that will cost you a lot of money in repairs if left alone too long. We perform roof cleaning in Portland that keeps you free of debris and moss. This ensures the longevity of your roof by maintaining its health and increasing its lifespan. With regular maintenance you save in the long run, protecting your family, and your wallet.

We offer complete cleaning services for all roof types including cedar roofs and composition roofs. With roof cleaning, we’ll have your roof looking absolutely spotless again in no time. We use only the highest quality roof cleaning products to ensure moss doesn’t return and your shingles remain strong and durable for years to come. By choosing us, your choosing to keep your roof in excellent condition well into the future.

Our staff has been well-trained in the art of cleaning Portland roofs, and know how to ensure longevity. Don’t try to do the cleaning yourself. It can be very dangerous for new comers, causing injuries that far outweigh the cost of a professional roof cleaning. Let our experienced staff handle the difficulties and free up your schedule for other things. If you need roof cleaning in Portland, call us today  to set up an appointment.

Cedar Roof Cleaning

If you have a cedar roof, we will be able to handle any cleaning work that you require. Cedar roofs can be easily damaged with improper products, which is why we only the highest quality products available when we care for your cedar roof. We also know how to properly clean cedar roofs based on their conditions, which can change depending on a number of different factors.

When it comes to power washing in Portland, cedar roofs need to be treated with great care. Power washing performed by an inexperienced individual can cause great damage to the roof, meaning more expensive repairs for you to deal with. We will determine what methods are best for cleaning your cedar roof by determining the state of it. The age of the roof, the condition of the roof, and the environment the roof is in all play significant roles in determining how the roof should be cared for.

If you have a cedar roof that needs cleaning and proper maintenance, give us a call at today. We have the training and the experience to perform exceptional cedar roof cleaning in Portland and make sure your roof performs at the highest level.

Composition Roof Cleaning

If you have a composition roof in Portland, we can handle its care and maintenance. Composition roofs are prone to moss growth, which damage the roof and can even cause other structural damage on your home. The roof’s life expectancy will go down if the moss problem is not addressed. Our experienced staff will be able to clean the composition roof and get all of the moss away, leaving you with a healthy, sturdy roof that will last for years to come.

Other debris may collect on a composition roof as well. We specialize in clearing off a wide variety of debris from composition roofs. Getting debris off your roof helps it to last longer, preventing leaks and other damage from developing. Our staff is experienced and trained at composition roof cleaning in Portland, so you do not have to worry about any additional damage being done.

No matter what your roofing material, style, or condition, for professional roof cleaning in Portland call (503) 209-2023 or Contact Us today.

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